Monday, May 26, 2008

A Mini-Email, with Just Two Abrupt Points

Monday, May 26, 2008
A Mini-Email, with Just Two Abrupt Points

Dear Everyone,

This mini-email is to let you know of my intention to stay in Ghana with the Esalas past the year we'd originally agreed upon. We seem to be a good fit, and we're enjoying working together. So I'm planning to visit America for a bit in December and then return to Ghana in early January. We have not yet figured out a budget for next year, but it will probably be similar to this year's budget, which I think was around $8,000. Just in case you are the financially-supporting type, I thought I’d let you know. Of course, I will also be interested in your continued prayer support, but I feel like you might not need as much notice for that one. And I will continue to inflict you with emails; I’m not sure you can get out of that.

And speaking of your prayer support, I am sick again. My typhoid test came back positive, either because my typhoid vaccination from four years ago is still good or because I do in fact have typhoid. Or I could have bacteria. The bad kind. Fortunately, the same antibiotic is treatment for both, so I am on it to kill whatever I have. And very soon I should be able to venture away from my toilet. The upside is that I’ve had another malaria test and can now be certain my malaria is dead. Furthermore, my blood is absolutely beautiful and shows no signs of anemia, so thanks for praying about that too.

Those are my two abrupt and unrelated points. How nice that they come in this brief mini-email without all those long-winded and somehow plot-less stories to bog them down. Hope all is well with you.


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Ted U said...

Having recently been given your blog address, I have been enjoying a new found perspective of Ghanaian missionary living that I do not get from my daughter & son-in-law.

Please continue to entertain & inform with your blog entries

Perhaps we will actually get to meet you when we visit Tamale in October.

Our prayers are with you

Missionary Ali's father - Ted